SportsLab is a Canadian πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ based sports management company with a global presence. We proudly represent elite athletes, broadcasters, coaches & influencers around the world supporting their careers, businesses and brands at a global scale. Our purpose is to create exceptional careers for our clients.
With a client-centric culture, SportsLab offers a full suite of services that focus on Contract Management, Sponsorships, Brand Management and 360 Lifestyle services. Our team of experts provides both personalized & tailored strategies with seamless execution for every client.
SportsLab is comprised of honest, hard-working and passionate professionals who pride themselves in building meaningful longterm relationships with clients. We are all united by a one-goal – To be exceptional.!
Our Values at SportsLab Management:
1) Integrity
2) Industry Expertise
3) Boldness
4) Dependable
5) Innovative

Our Team

Hassan Choghtai

Managing Director

Arsalan Qadir

Director, Cricket Personnel

Azeem Malik

Director, Cricket Personnel

Ayaz Mukadam

Manager, Brand & Sponsorship

Ayoun Haroon

Legal Advisor

Isaac Lockett

Content Strategist & Writer

Imran Khan

Creative & Graphic Designer