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Right-hand bat and Right-arm fast
March 15, 1993

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Ehsan Adil

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We take great pride in representing Ehsan Adil, who brings immense talent and exceptional skills to the sport. Ehsan is a gifted fast bowler who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to take critical wickets during high-pressure situations. His on-field performances have made him a valuable addition to the cricket world, and we are confident that he has the potential to excel further in the future. As a sports management company, we are excited to support Ehsan in exploring new opportunities for growth and securing endorsements that reflect his impressive abilities.


Player Profile

Ehsan Adil is a highly talented cricketer from Pakistan who has made a remarkable impact in the sport. His dedication and exceptional skills have made him a standout player both nationally and internationally. Ehsan made his debut for Pakistan in December 2013, in a match against Sri Lanka in the United Arab Emirates.

Ehsan’s love for cricket began at an early age when he started playing with friends. He quickly displayed a natural talent for the game, and has since spent countless hours perfecting his craft and improving his abilities.

In his career so far, Ehsan has played 3 Test matches, 9 One Day Internationals, and 3 Twenty20 Internationals for Pakistan including playing in 2015 World cup in Australia. 

Off the field, Ehsan is known for his humility and strong work ethic. He is dedicated to maintaining his physical fitness and spends extensive time training and practicing. Ehsan also actively participates in community service and charitable initiatives, and has contributed significantly to various causes.

We are thrilled to work with Ehsan Adil to help him achieve his full potential in the sport of cricket. Our team of experts is committed to providing him with the guidance and support he needs to succeed both on and off the field. With our assistance, we are confident that Ehsan will continue to flourish as a cricketer, and we look forward to supporting him throughout his career.