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Maximizing the Value of Your Athletic Career


SportsLab is a full-service sports management company that provides a range of services to professional athletes. We specialize in contract negotiations, endorsements and sponsorships, brand management, and 360° services such as financial management, athletic development, legal services, and post-career planning. Our goal is to maximize our clients' potential both on and off the field.

Core Services

SportsLab’s core competency is negotiating contracts that best serve the interests of their clients, leveraging their extensive knowledge of contracts in various markets to uncover opportunities that others may miss.

Contract Negotiations

Negotiate contracts that maximize your market value.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Secure endorsements and sponsorships to enhance earning potential.

Equipment & Apparel Endorsement Deals

Secure equipment and apparel endorsement deals.

Global Expansion and Representation

Expand your representation internationally.

Public Relations Coaching

Develop public speaking skills through PR coaching.

Social Responsibility & Community Engagement

Foster social responsibility and community engagement.

Brand partnerships and collaborations

Form brand partnerships and collaborations.

Digital & Social Media Strategy

Build a strong digital and social media presence.

Brand Management

SportsLab enhances athletes’ public image through coaching, social media strategy, and brand partnerships, aligning clients with social causes for greater impact and sponsor support.

360° Services

Providing comprehensive solutions across all aspects of an athlete’s career and life, including financial management, legal services, athletic development, post-career planning, and more.

Financial Management

Financial management for athletes' professional financial planning.

Legal Services

Secure endorsements and sponsorships to enhance earning potential.

Athletic Development & Training

SportsLab offers athlete training programs for peak performance.

Post-Career Game Plan

Post-career planning for athletes to ensure long-term success beyond their playing days.